Sunday, November 18, 2012

Enjoy Life

     With the development of the society, we can always busy with our work, study in order to make more money to make their life better. We pay less attention on what we love even forget what we love. It seems that working and studying are our whole life. However, this is really really wrong.Besides working and studying, do what we love can make our lives more excellent.

    Standing in the green grassland and looking the blue sky with your girlfriend, the colorful air balloon is flying in the sky, how it exciting to look at this. Forget all the troubles in the life and just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Relax yourself into the whole world.

     Go outside with your friends and do some crazy things. forget all the work and be happy. Jumping, singing, and dancing, let's paint the town red.
     Sitting in the mountain top with your girlfriend, the soft breeze spanking cheeks. Overlook the whole world and watch the beauty of nature. Get away from the noise and pollution of the city, and breathe the fresh air. You will forget all the troubles and feel happy.

     Bring the beloved guitar and play a favorite song alone happily. You will feel very happy and think you are the whole world. different from working, you will not feel tired, just be happy and released.
     Travelling with your family--your wife, your son and your daughter. You can feel the happiness that your families take to you! You will not feel the happiness in the working and studying, stay with your family can make your life more excellent.
     Eating some favorite food at any time! Eating the food that you like very much can help you have a good mood and forget the unhappy things just enjoy the delicious food.

     Working is one of the most important things in my life. Without work can we do anything. However, the work is not the whole life. We should find the balance between the life and the work. Enjoying the life properly can make us be happy and work more efficiently.

     The life is more important than the work just like the life is heavier than the work in the balance. We should not forget enjoying our lives when we are working. enjoy life can keep us health not only in the body but also in the mental.
     How boring it is if working is the only thing in our lives. We should enjoy our lives in some way instead of working day after day. I think the best way to enjoy life is do what we love. Do what we love can make us more happier . If you are tired with your work, just go, enjoy your life, do what you love, don't hesitate, just do it! It's the time!

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  1. Dear Yong Park, I had so much fun reading this blog entry and looking at the photos! Of course, my most favorite is the one of the man and woman sitting on the mountain and the woman's shirt flapping in the breeze.It seems magical. Thank you for that!

    You are creating a very special place here on your blog!

    Are you truly expressing your philosophy of life or are you striving to think this way?